Pre-Operative Instructions

Prior to your procedure

We recommend that you limit activity and rest comfortably the day before your procedure; the following suggestions will be helpful helpful in getting prepared for the day of surgical care.

1.    Fill your prescriptions in advance.

2.    Arrange for someone to drive you to and from your appointment if you are scheduled for an oral sedative.

3.    Prepare a postoperative diet of high-protein food that won’t be irritating to your tissues while they are healing. We also recommend that you drink at least eight glasses of liquid per day for the first two weeks following treatment. Vitamin and mineral supplements containing therapeutic amounts of minerals and nutrients would be helpful to take at this time when chewing can be difficult and good nutrition is so important. A good diet will favorably affect both healing and the way you feel. Choose foods that are soft and easy to chew, but are nutritious as well such as: yogurt, milk, mild soups, pasta, eggs, cheese, finely minced meats, fish, mashed potatoes, soft fruits, cooked vegetables, vegetable juice and fruit juices.

4.    Be sure to get a good night’s rest. If you feel you will have trouble sleeping, please let us know and we can prescribe a sedative.

5.    Bring your music, DVD movie of your choice or select a movie from our collection to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

On the day of your procedure

1.      If medications have been prescribed, begin taking them as prescribed. Please continue to take all other prescribed medications (i.e. blood pressure medication) unless your doctor specifically tells you not to take them. If further assistance is needed or any concerns regarding medications should arise, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

2.      For patients taking an oral sedative, you must have an adult escort who can transport you to our office and take you home. It is recommended that patients undergoing oral sedation have supervision from the moment the oral sedation is ingested till the following day.

3.      Do not drink regular coffee, tea, or any other forms of caffeine prior to your appointment.

4.      Eat a light breakfast or lunch prior to your appointment.

5.      Wear comfortable clothing the day of your procedure, please make sure the sleeves can be raised to the shoulder (we will be monitoring your blood pressure throughout the procedure).