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Surgical Instructions

Close up of dental operatory light in dental clinic, with masked dentists in the background. For all surgical procedures, local anesthetic will be used to maintain comfort during treatment. We understand that with any dental treatment some anxiety may occur, and we offer conscious sedation for periodontal care to maintain patient comfort and ease anxiety.

Instructions and Forms

For your comfort we provide:

•  Blankets (heated)
•  Pillows
•  Bottled water
•  Coffee, tea or hot chocolate
•  Movie library
•  Patient controlled music selection in operatories

If you choose conscious sedation:

Someone must bring you to your appointment and pick you up. While your ride awaits the completion of your procedure, there are many great stores and shops for them to visit to pass the time. Some designated drivers choose to return to work/home if a longer procedure is scheduled. We are happy to call the designated driver when your procedure is complete which will allow you to return home swiftly so that the healing can quickly begin with rest.

After Surgery

After surgery, it is normal for the surgical area to be tender for the first few days. In most cases, an over-the-counter pain relief is enough to ease any discomfort. You should avoid aspirin because it thins the blood and can increase bleeding. If you are taking over the counter pain relief or prescription medication for pain, be sure to start taking it immediately after surgery. Don't wait until the discomfort sets in. It's far easier to control discomfort when it is at a minimum rather than trying to suppress it after it starts.
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